How to Paint a Fence Quickly with a Paint Sprayer?

paint a fence

The fence is the first protective barrier in the home and if you want to make a good impression on your friends, it is advisable to paint the fence in a harmonious color. Painting a fence can be a challenging task for most people, but if you choose a suitable paint spray gun, the job will become easy and effortless.

In the following article, we will show you how to quickly paint a fence using a paint spray gun.

Preparation before painting

Choose the right colour

First, you need to choose a suitable color to ensure that it is in harmony with the surrounding area. Warm colors make for a pleasant mood. If it is a wooden fence, you can choose a color that is close to the wood.

Fencing in warm tones
Fencing in warm tones

Cleaning the fence

Cleaning the fence is a very important step. You need to remove any dirt and debris from the fence and if necessary sand it with a sander to make the surface smooth and easy to paint.

Tidy the fence with a unique cleaner, using a cloth and brush repeatedly to remove dust and diatoms from the fence. It is essential to note that after cleaning up the fencing you require to dry it, generally for three to 5 days, in order to permit the fencing to continue to be completely dry for painting.

Tidy up the surroundings of your fence

It is likewise needed to clean up the location around the fence, for example by removing weeds from the bordering area as well as trimming the lawn. Huge tarpaulins and plywood can be used to shield the bordering plants from paint.

Fencing before painting
Fencing before painting

Materials needed

  1. Protective equipment: gloves, protective clothing, goggles
  2. large tarpaulin
  3. Electric paint sprayer: it is recommended that you use a Tilswall paint sprayer to help you get the job done quickly.
  4. Two buckets, one for paint and one for cleaning
  5. Rags and brushes
  6. Paint solvent

Steps for painting a fence with a paint sprayer

Prepare the paint

Put the paint solvent right into the bucket as well as mix extensively with a mixing pole, thinning if necessary. After that, fill up the paint right into the paint container.

Preparing the paint sprayer

To choose an appropriate sprayer nozzle, an 8″ nozzle is generally advised. Activate the sprayer and also first carry out a spray examination by practicing paint on old cardboard and adjusting the circulation of paint to ensure that it sprays uniformly over the fencing.

Tilswall paint sprayer
Tilswall paint sprayer

Start painting

Once you have established the sprayer, you prepare to repaint undecided. You can spray on a layer of primer before you start functioning officially, and afterward, move uniformly and also slowly along the fence from top to bottom. To obtain a flat, smooth surface, maintain the nozzle 6 to 8 inches far from the fence.

Start painting the fence with a paint sprayer
Start painting

How to paint a fence with a paint sprayer?

Allow the fence to dry

After all the spraying has been completed you will need to allow the fence to dry fully, which usually takes a day or two. Check the results of the spraying at any time and apply a second coat of paint if necessary.

Clean the paint sprayer

The paint sprayer should be cleaned after each use to avoid clogging the nozzles with paint. Wash the paint container with warm soapy water. Elsewhere, install the instructions in the manual for operation.

Fencing after painting
Fencing after painting


Painting a fence may seem like a lot of work, but it is actually quite easy to do once you get it right. If you want to decorate your fence yourself, this method is very practical, and you will soon have a refreshed fence.

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